Our Houston, TX optometrist and eye care team will work patiently with you to ensure that your prescription is accurate, comfortable and best suits your vision requirements. We also perform a thorough eye exam to check all aspects of eye health. Binocular vision is carefully assessed to check eye coordination, muscle control and focusing ability. The health evaluation also tests intraocular pressure, an important risk factor in glaucoma. Dilation of the pupils allows the doctors to thoroughly examine the interior structures of the eyes to detect disorders of the retina as well as certain systemic diseases. Our experienced Willowbrook eye care team also uses visual field testing to detect early signs of ocular and neurological diseases. With many eye disorders, early detection and treatment is key to preventing permanent vision loss.
For our Willowbrook contact lens wearers, our specially trained associates take the time to fit each patient with the most appropriate contact lenses for the patient’s visual needs. Whether it is rigid gas permeable lenses, astigmatic lenses, multifocal lenses or disposable lenses for full-time, part-time, or occasional use, the doctors have many years of in helping patients find just the right lenses for them.