Clarifye Eye Exam in KatyWillowbrook Eye Professionals is excited to offer its patients Clarifye, the new generation in eye exams. With Clarifye, our doctors can measure your prescription with amazing precision.

How does it work?

Traditional methods of obtaining a patient’s vision require the optometrist to use a device called a mechanical phoropter and asking the patient, “what’s better, number one or number two” to determine the patients prescription. With Clarifye, a patient’s eye is measured first with a device called an aberrometer, which uses advanced wavefront technology to not only a patient nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but also higher order aberrations, which can also cause visual problems such as glare and halo while driving at night. Next, the information from the aberrometer is transferred to our digital phoropter, which allows the doctor to fine tune your prescription to help ensure you have the best vision possible. If you’re looking for the best possible eye exam in Houston with the best possible visual results, look no further than Willowbrook Eye professionals!

Why We Use Clarifye?

Simple…..Results! We want our patients to have the best vision possible and sometime “old fashion” methods just aren’t optimal. To learn more about Clarifye, call our Willowbrook Optometry office today at 281-894-5300